Sunday, 14 April 2013

Education And Personal Life of Stephane Marchand

He completed his formal education from the Harvard University. He lives happily with his wife Nicole Marchand and the three children he has been blessed with. He is known for his exceptional skills and services which he had attained from the dealing he had with various international companies. He is dedicated to his work and his services to real estate investors are known to give results of unsurpassed quality. He has credential knowledge on the financial services and the global market. His extensive experience in the Wall Street has backed him in all his steps and ventures include his own film production company Altitude entertainment.

The hard work:

In his outstanding career he has also been with the Lehman Brothers where he served as the Vice President of the firm. There he was known for his commitment to the company and his hard work to bring profits to it. He has been a number of companies like JP Morgan and Deustsche bank that places his resume in par with the leading entrepreneurs. His extraordinary performance is sure enough the result of the combination of the education he received from one of the leading universities in the world and of course his experience that gives him a profound knowledge too.

The fruitful results:  

Stephane Marchand has been successful in his professional life as well as his personal life with the support from his life-partner Nicole Marchand. He has taken a route to success which was designed and paved by him. He has worked hard enough to be considered into the renowned firms like Lehman Brothers. Along with his success he has also allowed these firms to rise to their current positions. His contributions to the industry are so large and apparent that he has engraved his name in the industry. 


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