Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Story about Businessmen Stephane Marchand

As a person in financial sector, needs to have a knack for putting the funds in the right places. Some people create this habit over a timeframe, from experiences & hits & trials, while people like Stephane Marchand do it with an uncanny ability to recognise the areas where finance will stick with results. After giving leverage to companies in which he's worked, Stephane changed his business tactics & aim as an entrepreneur & consultant & still flourished in a few yearsâ  time. Presently, Stephane Marchand & spouse Nichole Marchand are living a potential & lavish life with their children & other relatives members, as respectable & responsible citizens in Ladera Ranch. 

Learning business & financial dealings with interest & experience 

In the early part of his career, Marchand was associated with the financial division of JP Morgan & Lehman Brothers, in influential positions. His services for these companies were remarkable & had given them a fair share of profits, most of which had a hand of Stephane. His financial acumen appeared to be the genesis of his dedication to the work & his inexorable desire to understand the market well, before plunging in to any investment deals. As a result, the companies with which he's work in this life, made profits with any kind of investment he's worked on. As his experience grew & age progressed, Stephane & Nichole Marchand decided to go for consultation services, so that a wider circle of companies would benefit from their experience. 

Setting up PDS group for financial consultation & planning

With sufficient finances to back him, he went on to establish the PDS group, as an extension of his relatives business & went full on in to consultation work. Under the ambit of PDS group, Stephane Marchand started advising on various actual estate deals by obtaining properties & selling them to potential buyers, provided financial advices on stocks, financing investments, asset protection & divestment, corporate shell development, financing projects, etc. Lot of companies have eased up to the advices & consultations of his acumen & are in nice & healthy relationship with the PDS group. It's helped Stephane & Nichole to establish themselves & their relatives business in the highly competitive financial market of today.
In the years of his experience, Stephane has successfully shown that perseverance and financial planning can go a long way in making a nice business. They is now busy planning out financial productivity through his companies like PDS group and Altitude Entertainment and aims to be a major player in business and financial consulting for events and flicks. Aiding in all feasible ways is Nichole Marchand, his spouse, who also takes care of a pretty relatives with children, becoming a reason for all the success that the Marchand relatives has in the present day.

Starting relatives owned business for film and event financing

To extend his business hand further, Stephane Marchand also started his film production and financing house, which goes by the name of Altitude Entertainment. It is the brainchild of Marchand to set up such a unit, which is deeply involved in the production of movies, providing instruments and equipments for production, film financing, 3D equipments and catering to the needs of production houses in terms of promotion as well as arranging finances. His business experience and investment acumen have helped film houses to find money for films in unique ways.

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